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The Last Cabin - eBook Cover.jpg

Coming July 23rd

The Last Cabin

The fourth book in the CJ O'Hara Crime Thrillers series.​

Sometimes there’s no escaping evil...

When Detective CJ O’Hara and her fiancé, Investigator Ben Parrish, retreat to an isolated fishing lodge in Alaska for a romantic vacation, they’re thrilled to book the last cabin of the season and have a week away from fighting crime.


But the peace is short-lived when a young woman is brutally murdered, and a massive storm moves in, leaving the guests and crew stranded with no way to communicate…or escape.


Surrounded by suspects, CJ and Ben race to solve the crime — without weapons, forensics, or backup. By the time another body is discovered, CJ is forced to work solo. Amid the raging weather and a power outage, who can she trust, and can she capture the killer before it’s too late?


The Last Cabin is a gripping, mystery thriller that will leave crime fiction and whodunit fans wanting more. Be sure to catch the fourth book in the CJ O’Hara Crime Thrillers Series!

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