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All The Natural Beauties Cover

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The first book in the CJ O'Hara Crime Thrillers series.​

A cop starting over. A serial killer on the loose.

Will she prove she belongs, or is this her final case?

Boston. CJ O’Hara is drowning in guilt. Still struggling with her family’s deaths, her emotions boil over when the driven policewoman fatally dispatches a culprit holding a gun to her colleague’s head. So when she’s denied a well-deserved promotion, she takes a job offer in Charleston, South Carolina, to track down a serial killer scattering the Lowcountry with corpses.

Though glad to be closer to the man who raised her, CJ attracts the wrong kind of attention as the city’s first female detective. And while clues remain scarce, the haunted cop battles local prejudice, an escalating body count, and a handsome new partner who may not be what he seems.

In a twisted race against time, is the transplanted Northerner the hunter or the prey?

All the Natural Beauties is the riveting first book in the CJ O’Hara Crime Thrillers series. If you like complex characters, nail-biting page-turners, and surprise endings, then you’ll love John Deal’s whodunit.

Buy All the Natural Beauties to expose the ugly truth today!

What readers are saying about


“One of the best crime thrillers I have ever read.” Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars


“This was the easiest 5 star read I’ve ever had! From the characters, plot, writing style, and MPOVs, everything was just absolute perfection!” Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars


“The rhythm, the movielike non-linear development of every different view of what is happening without ever destroying the suspense...” Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars


“It is absolutely a riveting page-turner. Masterfully written will keep you guessing until the very end... but be warned… once you pick this book up... you’re not sleeping or doing anything else until you’re finished reading it.” Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars


“I was drawn in right away and couldn’t put the book down.Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

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