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Beautiful Death Cover

Coming July 12, 2023


The third book in the CJ O'Hara Crime Thrillers series.​

A corpse exposes one of Charleston’s lethal secrets.

Can she chase down a crime spanning decades?


CJ O’Hara is finally getting a grip on life. Recently promoted and in a promising relationship, the hard-charging detective responds to a supposed heart attack at a bed and breakfast… but her instincts scream foul play. Smelling a hint of vanilla in the air and noticing scratches on the victim’s back, she suspects she’s looking for a murderess.


After the medical exam reveals poison from a rare plant, CJ sets off on the trail of mysterious DNA evidence leading to the depths of hidden societies. But when the homicide pattern matches multiple cold cases, the tough-minded investigator fears more than one killer could be lurking in the city’s darkest shadows.


When toxic history repeats, can she end a mortally vicious cycle?


Beautiful Death is the gritty third book in the CJ O’Hara crime thriller series. If you like sharp investigators, captivating twists and turns, and fast-paced suspense, then you’ll love John Deal’s deadly tale of deception.

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