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John's books are available on Amazon in Paperback, as eBooks, or as Audiobooks.

Paperbacks are also available at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and numerous other outlets. 

Spooky Forest
Beautiful Death Cover

Available Now!


The third book in the CJ O'Hara Crime Thrillers series.​

A corpse exposes one of Charleston’s lethal secrets...


CJ O’Hara is finally getting a grip on life. Recently promoted and in a promising relationship, the hard-charging detective responds to a supposed heart attack at a bed and breakfast… but her instincts scream foul play. Smelling a hint of vanilla in the air and noticing scratches on the victim’s back, she suspects she’s looking for a murderess.


After the medical exam reveals poison from a rare plant, CJ sets off on the trail of mysterious DNA evidence leading to the depths of hidden societies. But when the homicide pattern matches multiple cold cases, the tough-minded investigator fears more than one killer could be lurking in the city’s darkest shadows.


When toxic history repeats, can she end a mortally vicious cycle?


Beautiful Death is the gritty third book in the CJ O’Hara crime thriller series. If you like sharp investigators, captivating twists and turns, and fast-paced suspense, then you’ll love John Deal’s deadly tale of deception.

Blood Moon over Ocean
Under A Blood Moon Cover

Available Now!


The second book in the CJ O'Hara Crime Thrillers series.​

What if the only way to stop a crime is to see it before it happens?

Follow a troubled detective as she unravels a web of simultaneous crimes in this fast-paced mystery novel blending classic deceptions with a supernatural twist.

What readers are saying about UNDER A BLOOD MOON...

“Once again, author John Deal does not disappoint as he dishes out another suspenseful crime thriller! I couldn’t put the book down once I started…” Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars


Terrific characters and a fine plotline make this a very enjoyable book. John Deal’s second installment in this series matches the first.” Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars


Incredible read. Suspenseful. When you start reading the book, you can’t stop until you finish the book. I could not wait to read each chapter to see how the plot twisted.” Great book!” Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars


Pulls you in from page one and keeps you there until the end. Hard to put down. The people in the story are likable, and I love the location.” Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars

“This book was so good! I fell in love with CJ’s grit in book one, and book two did not disappoint. The author kept her wit, intelligence, badassness, and humanity intact for this second round.” Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

Forest Scene
All The Natural Beauties Cover

Available Now!


The first book in the CJ O'Hara Crime Thrillers series.​

She’s starting over… he’s ready to finish them all...


A gripping psychological thriller with an unexpected ending, All the Natural Beauties is a must-read for crime fiction and mystery fans. Don’t miss the first book in the CJ O’Hara Crime Thrillers series!

What readers are saying about ALL THE NATURAL BEAUTIES...

“One of the best crime thrillers I have ever read.” Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars


“This was the easiest 5 star read I’ve ever had! From the characters, plot, writing style, and MPOVs, everything was just absolute perfection!” Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars


“The rhythm, the movielike non-linear development of every different view of what is happening without ever destroying the suspense...” Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars


“It is absolutely a riveting page-turner. Masterfully written will keep you guessing until the very end... but be warned… once you pick this book up... you’re not sleeping or doing anything else until you’re finished reading it.” Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars


“I was drawn in right away and couldn’t put the book down.Amazon Reviewer, 5 Stars

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